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Renewable energy has come a long way in the last decade, but efficiency, costs and emissions are still a serious issue. Hydrogen is underated, but unfortunately extraction processes particularly using fossil fuels is no less green that burning diesel in gensets to produce energy. Yes, there are carbon emission collectors, but again these are expensive and not commonly used around the globe. Already the cost of fossil fuels is the basis of H2 extraction costs. H2 is hugely abundant in seawater, and some companies are extracting using catalysts, but again not so green. Emissions are generally carbon monoxides and dioxides, and nitrous oxides, whereas, burning H2 emits only vapour.

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Marine Power Utilities, MPU, is able to provide turn key energy solutions to meet your country's energy demands. Our technology is advanced and unique, with platforms both large and small, can be situated in any bay, sea or ocean environment shallow or deep. We can supply numerous small Energy Platforms to meet local demand or large Energy platforms to meet peaking requirements for both on and off grid networks.

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In the wake of recent Nuclear power plant disasters, capital costs to construct conventional and alternative energy plants, effects of pollutants and emissions on the environment, lack of natural resources reducing efficiency and land usage, our company has developed a unique Hydrogen for energy platform.